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A new alternative to the standard bowling ball fitting process, paying more attention to balance centering in your hand.                                  
Can't find the right 'feel' in your grip? Try Bill Hall's

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     Bowlers of any skill level can see how different Ebonite-brand bowling balls will react on a virtual lane, before the ball is drilled. Your bowling ball stats and personal release stats are added to the virtual lane condition, and the software displays a precise prediction of how the bowling ball will react. This can greatly reduce your uncertainty about  which Ebonite  brand bowling ball will work for you.

     The software can also be used to great advantage along with Strikers' bowling instruction as a fine-tuning instrument for improving accuracy and understanding of release techniques.


Bowling Lessons

Strikers Pro Shop is here for everyone.

You deserve to be a better bowler.  ®

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Strikers Pro Shop offers Certified bowling Coaching with Bowlers Map ® Gold Video coaching software and Ebonite Blueprint ®   Bowling Ball motion simulation software.

Bowling Lessons are scheduled with a lead time of 1 week. Call 757-468-6195 to set up your on-lane bowling lessons.

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