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   Congratulations on the outstanding achievements of   bowlers who continue to choose  Strikers Pro Shop ....

John Hamilton

2008 PBA South Region  Chesapeake, Va Open  4th  Place

Bobby Thompson

2008 PBA South Region Senior Little River , SC Open Champion (title)


Willie Espiritu

1st Place Winner $52,000 2004 NABI National Championships Held in Las Vegas, Nevada


Rodney Ross

  300 game during 2004 NBA City Championships

Sharon E. Field

299 game during 2004 Norfolk B.A. City Championships

Frances B. Sansone

2008 TWBA City Singles Scratch Champion

2007 TWBA City Singles Scratch Champion

2006 Norfolk B.A. Mixed City Singles Scratch Champion

1999 Masters 225 Invitational Champion

1997 Virginia State WBA Hall Of Fame (Superior Performance)

1996 Tidewater Bowling Council Hall of Fame (Superior Performance)

1994 Masters 225 Invitational Champion

1993 Virginia Bowling Queens Champion (March)

1992 Masters 225 Invitational Champion

1986 Virginia Bowling Queens Champion (June)

USBCWBA Sanctioned 300 Game (3)

USBCWBA Sanctioned 299 Game (3)

Carl 'Danny' Mausolf
2011 Tidewater USBC Hall Of Fame (Superior Performance)
2006 Norfolk B.A. Mixed City Singles Scratch 1st Place
2006 Norfolk B.A. Mixed City All Events 1st Place
2001 National State Games of America Mens Open Div. Silver Medal
2000 Va State Games Mens Open Div. Gold Medal
1999 Commonwealth State Games Mens Open Div. Gold Medal
1998 11 In A Row Award ABC Nationals Open, Syracuse, NY
1995 AMF World Cup State Finals 3rd Place
1994 Team USA State Finals 2nd Place
1993 Norfolk B.A. Mens All Events Scratch Champion
1991 Norfolk B.A. Mens All Events Scratch 2nd Place
ABC / USBC Sanctioned 800 Series (3)
ABC / USBC Sanctioned 300 Games (6)
ABC / USBC Sanctioned 299 Games (4)

Matthew R. Ridgway

Back-to-back 300 games and 846 series

Ric J. Wiese

Back-to-back 300 games same series

Gary E. Faulkner

Back-to-back 300 games and 810 series

Jerry D. 'Dean' Stephens Jr.

Triplicate 279 Game (837 Series)

Robert Riggle

18 300 games (USBC Sanctioned) with same Ball (Storm Reign)


Aldy Espiritu
Allen Lukens
Andre Cosby
Andrew (Andy) Bean(2)
Andrew Vuckovitch
Anthony Petrello
Bill Coffman(3)
Bobby Moore
Bobby Thompson(5)
Brent Langdale
Brett Williams
Brian McCadden
Brian Stephens
Carl Pitt
Chris Jennison
Chris Lenzy(2)
Chris Livingston(2)
Chuck Johnson(2)
Danny Mausolf(6)
Danny McDermott
Daryl Siler
Dave Kingery
David Cupp
David Thompson
Dean Stephens (8)
Dennis Walter
Donnie Glover(4)
Doug Hines
Earl Stutz(2)
Ed Pitcavage(6)
Eric Gallup
Fran Sansone(3)
Frank McCosker(2)
Gary Faulkner(6)
George Ensor
James Wenzel (11)
James Folsom
Jared Curling (2)
Jeff Harrison
Jerry Huddleson(3)
Joanie Demakeas
Joe Ross
Joey Nameth(3)
John Confalone
John Hamilton (4)

John Koba(8)
Ken Sahr
Ken Schick

Rick Phillips (2)
Kyle Cheatwood
Larry Martinez
Larry Robinson
Lonnie Goebel

Matt Lamb
Matt Ridgway(2)
Michael Johnson
Michelle Kelley
Mike Garvey Sr
Mike Lafave
Mike Smith (6)
Nancy Leary
Patrick Harrington
Pete Kelley
Peter Potter
Phil Craddock (Youth)
Ray DeLoach
Reggie Chavez(5)
Rich Finnigan(4)
Richard Wiese (3)
Rick Chavez (3)
Robbie Smith(3)
Robert Riggle (18)
Robin Stewart
Rodney Hugate
Rodney Ross
Ron DelRosario
Ryan Cox
Scott Fulton (3)
Sean Johnson
Steve Conrad(2)
Stewart Hilowitz
Tammy Hatfield(2)
Tim Jennison
Todd Allred
Tom Tomas
Tommy Holmes
Tony Catlett(3)
Warren Hiteshew(3)
Wilson Espiritu(4)


Billy Smith

Cailean Reason
Fran Sansone(3)

Dennis Walter 299
Danny Mausolf(4)
Ed Pitcavage(2)
Jack Hastings (Maryland)
 Jerry Huddleson(4)
Joe Nameth

Walter Cashmore


Andre Cosby
Brian Stephens

Butch Bell

Danny Mausolf(3)
Daryl Siler(2)
David Cupp
Dean Stephens(2)
Donnie Glover(3)
Ed Pitcavage(4)
Gary Faulkner
Jared Curling
Jerry Huddleson(2)
Joe Nameth
John Koba (3)
Rick Phillips (2)
Robert riggle (12)
Matt Ridgway
Pete Kelley
Phil Craddock (Youth)(2)   
Ralph J. Field
Reggie Chavez(2)
Rick Chavez
Rodney Ross
$cott Fulton
Todd Allred(11)
Tommy Holmes(2)
Tony Catlett
Walter Carpenter
Will Isaroon

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