IBPSIA Advanced Certified

Without the IBPSIA label displayed at the pro shop, you don't know exactly what to expect. 

IBPSIA advanced  certified technicians and coaches have the professional training to analyze your physical game, customize your bowling balls and grip based on your personal skill level.


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 A professional bowling ball fitter / driller or certified personal bowling instructor isn't someone you are likely to meet every day. The professionals in a bowling pro shop are in a rather specialized field. It is just as unusual to find professional trainers for a driller-fitter to study under.

   Strikers Bowling Pro Shop is very pleased to have IBPSIA  Advanced Certified Technician Danny Mausolf  on staff , as he helps Strikers to bring valued bowling ball drilling  services and bowling lessons to every level of bowler in the Virginia Beach / Tidewater area.

Lead instructors  Mo Pinel, Fred BordenPalmer Falgren Gary Parsons and others have  taken  Strikers Pro Shop to the leading edge in understanding bowling ball motion, and the techniques used to apply this new technology. 

   A bowling pro shop with employees professionally trained in the arts and techniques required by today's enthusiastic bowlers is a pro shop worth visiting. After all, a knowledgeable and confident athlete is a tough one to beat. 

  Strikers gains the greatest reward by adding to that knowledge and confidence, providing the latest in equipment, information and training to support your game.


Strikers Pro Shop is her for everyone.

You deserve to be a better bowler. ®

Bowling Lessons

BowlersMap Gold

Strikers Pro Shop offers Certified bowling Coaching with Bowlers Map Gold Video coaching software and Ebonite Blueprint ®   Bowling Ball motion simulation software.

Bowling Lessons are scheduled with a lead time of 1 week. Call 757-468-6195 to set up your on-lane bowling lessons.

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